Is the Chase Slate the Top Balance Transfer Charge Card?

What’s the Top Balance Transfer Charge Card?

Balance transfers could be a very helpful tool for those who are paying a steep interest rate with their present charge card. By transferring your credit card balance to a different card with an extended intro interval with 0% APR you will have the ability to pay off your debt considerably quicker because during that intro interval, every cent of your payments will probably be going towards the rule of your balance rather than throwing money out the window with interest. The top balance transfer cards will have the few fees potential, and a have no interest for well over a year. Which card is the greatest for balance transfers? The Chase Slate climbs to the very top of the pack after comparing all the alternatives. Here’s why:

No Transport Fee for the Win

chase slateThe Chase Slate is now the sole credit card out there offering the best mix of the three most critical indicators for a balance transfer. This card has a lengthy intro APR along with no annual fee, but what actually makes it stand out is the reality that there’s no balance transfer fee for transport made within the first 60 days of account opening. The Chase Slate is the sole choice that provides the exceptional trinity of perks which could save consumers thousands of dollars while there are several cards which have two of those three variables.

The intro APR is 0 % for 15 months, giving consumers well over a year to pay their balance completely interest free down. They change at least 3% for the balance transfer fee, while there are a number of cards which have intro intervals longer in relation to the Chase Slate. A 3 % transfer fee may accumulate really fast for those who are in possession of a sizable balance, also it may counter a huge section of the amount of money you’ll save from the longer interval of 0

You Do Not Need Perfect Credit for Acceptance

Generally, the credit cards with benefits and the top terms need excellent credit to get approved. And generally, the consumers that are in need of a balance transfer do not have a spotless credit score and cannot get approved for the cards they want. The Chase Slate, nevertheless, is usually more lenient in the balance transfer space when it comes to acceptances compared to its rivals. You have still got an adequate chance of getting approved if you are credit score.

How Do Other Cards Stack Up?

Citi Simplicity MCCiti Simplicity(registered company) Card – This card now provides the longest intro APR free of interest for 21 months. While this intro period is more in relation to the Chase Slate six months, you will be charged a 3% transfer fee. There isn’t any yearly fee for the Citi Simplicity(registered company) Card, but you need excellent credit to get approved for this particular card which means it will not be a feasible alternative for some of the consumers who want it most.

BankAmericard VisaBankAmericard(registered company) Credit Card – By offering 0% APR for 18 charge cycles, this card just beats out the Chase Slate for the intro APR. Another advantage this card has is that consumer might have the ability to get qualified for a lesser on-going APR. Nevertheless, this card also has the 3% transfer fee and requires outstanding credit to get approved.

QuicksilverOne Rewards CardCapital One(registered company) QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card – This card is among the select few cards, besides the Chase Slate, that’s no balance transfer fee. Additionally, you just want reasonable credit to get approved, therefore it can be accessible for consumers who can not get approved for better offers. The disadvantages are that the intro APR is simply goes until May 2016, it has a $39 yearly, as well as the continuing APR is a painfully high 22.99%.

Here is a side by side comparison that highlights all the important details you’d need to contemplate for a balance transfer:

Chase Slate

Citi Ease

BankAmericard Credit Card

Capital One QuicksilverOne

Intro APR:

0% APR for 15 months

0% APR for 21 months 0% APR for 18 charge cycles
0% APR until May 2016

Transport Fee:


3% 3%

Yearly Fee:


None None

Credit Desired:


Outstanding Outstanding

Ongoing APR:

12.99%, 17.99%, 22.99% Variant

12.99%-22.99% (Variant) 10.99%-20.99% Variant
22.9% (Variable)*

The Bottom Line

The Chase Slate has all the variables you’d ever want in a balance transfer charge card as it is possible to observe from the visual delineation. The Chase Slate is the sole card out there that’s the winning mix of no yearly fee, no balance transfer fee, along with a long 0 % intro APR. while many credit cards take one or a couple of the significant balance transfer characteristics Do yourself a favor if you are paying a steep interest rate with your present charge card and transfer your balance to the Chase Slate and start saving money!

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