How to Get an Auto Equity Loan

auto-equity-loans-fast-cash-handCertain vendors offer borrowers a wide variety of lending options, from signature loans to personal loans and more. Auto equity loans are one other type of loan offered by them. We are here to let you in on how they work.

An auto equity loan is the best solution for an individual who needs fast cash but does not own their car completely. Usually title loan lenders can provide you with a loan up to $3,000 even if you still owe payments on your vehicle.

There are only a few requirements when you wish to qualify for an auto equity loan. You’ll need to have a government-issued identification card, proof of income and a vehicle that is registered in your name. With these three things, you can be approved for up to $3,000. Your credit score will not hold you back when you apply for a car equity loan. If you are up-to-date on your auto loan and have made at least six monthly payments in a row, you will almost certainly be approved for an auto equity loan with many companies like Better Title Loans, Title Max and Easy Cash.

You may easily fall into financial difficulty at any time. Unexpected bills happen when you are least expecting it or a medical bill needs to be paid right away. With an auto equity loan you will get the cash that you need while still retaining possession of your vehicle. It only takes a mere 30 minutes to complete the application for the loan. You’ll be in and out quickly when you do business with these types of lenders!

moneyclipYou can fill out online forms, visit a stores near you or call to get started. Most business operate out of every state including Arizona, Delaware and New Hampshire.

Don’t forget, you do not have to have the title to your vehicle in order to be approved for a loan. They require just four things- a vehicle, your government-issued ID, car title or current loan paperwork and current proof of income.

As long as you have these four items and have made at least six consecutive car payments on your vehicle, you will typically be approved my most car title loan providers that are not banks.